flagwedo (16:12:30)

flagZoop (8:13:18)
My fucking Dog is inside the Piano! :fastbana:

flagmitchkonnor (13:07:27)

flagInternet Death Machine (5:54:18)
It wouldn't accept the lossless format I tried so I just did a 320 kbps CBR MP3

flagInternet Death Machine (5:53:21)
Uploaded the final version

flagInternet Death Machine (23:11:45)
Actually that song was created for my project Endgame Protocol. Both it and Internet Death Machine are me though so I suppose it doesn't matter.

flagZoop (19:51:26)
I think somebody else already unlocked it [link]

flagmitchkonnor (22:21:36)

flagmitchkonnor (22:21:25)
a admin will unlock the new artist, ask zoop for it.

flagmitchkonnor (22:21:00)
@internet death machine yeah nice song, for upload klick on the top of the site artist, and then suggest new artist

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