flagZoop (19:51:26)
I think somebody else already unlocked it [link]

flagmitchkonnor (22:21:36)

flagmitchkonnor (22:21:25)
a admin will unlock the new artist, ask zoop for it.

flagmitchkonnor (22:21:00)
@internet death machine yeah nice song, for upload klick on the top of the site artist, and then suggest new artist

flagInternet Death Machine (6:00:36)
@mitchkonnor Not sure how to upload it, but glad you enjoyed it!

flagmitchkonnor (7:33:53)

flagmitchkonnor (7:33:34)
@admin message sent doesn't work

flagmitchkonnor (7:30:52)

flagInternet Death Machine (7:15:19)

flagniggaz (0:52:28)
deekline might be the tallest brit ever

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