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Dj Random on fire :banapimp: :banadance:

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Hahaha frohe Ostern

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flag Spanish Bigbeat Lover

Member Since: 24.07.2011
46 Uploads, 74 Votes, Spoken 4 Times.
Last Login: 16.10.2012
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Bronxio likes to play..

flag Sigma 7 - Welcome to Quasar (4)
flag Telephunken - All The Mamis (4)
flag Sigma 7 - Remember Your Old Steps (3)
flag Zircon - Streets of Rage 2 Above Reason OC ReMix (3)
flag Sigma 7 - Dreams of Armony (2)
flag Sigma 7 - Messengers of Twin Planets (2)
flag Kraak & Smaak - Keep Me Home (feat. Dez) (2)
flag Monstaphunkaz - What Do You Want (2)
flag Jean - You've Got The Power (2)
flag Monstaphunkaz - Higher State Of Phunk (2)
P.O.D. flag The Crystal Method - Boom (The Crystal Method Remix) (2)
flag Secret Sexy Signal - Do you feel a rage? (feat. KorruptDialect) (2)
flag A Skillz + Krafty Kuts - Happiness (Original Mix) (2)
flag The Three Amigos - 25 Miles 2001 Original Mix (1)
flag Jean - Capirusso Man (1)
flag The Three Amigos - Louie Louie (Wiseguys Remix) (1)
flag Monstaphunkaz - We're Ruff (1)
flag A Skillz - Got the Rhythm (feat. Beardyman) (1)
flag Meat Katie - Sanctified (1)
flag Andrew Kingslow & Oliver Mason - Funky Bubble (1)
flag Duo Kie - El Sonido de lo Inevitable (with Big Toxic) (1)

Public information

I had influence from UK through Canary Islands at 90's (surely thanks to the British tourists). They called "hardcore" to a specific style, where sometimes coincides with the most extended concept of bigbeat (for example: Prodigy)

After that, I danced some years a little bit of breakdance (bboying, but most popping) and got more bigbeat from the bboy world.

And I have an omnipresent connection with breakbeats and hiphop (that's why you can find a lot of own hiphop beats in my soundcloud account [link] ). What is more, I succeed uploading classic breakbeats to with the moderators "firewall"! My love with them created the concept "de facto public domain sample" to be able to extend them, and it convinced even to their bosses! So if you are a bigbeat creator, you may want to check them out here (it's a pack with standard beat sequences too): [link]

Also I got some basses and scratches samples made by me in my freesound account if you are interested too.

Thanks for visiting! :)

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