flagrams (19:03:50)

flagsoundjunk (1:05:15)

flagsoundjunk (1:04:36)
But i'm still alive

flagsoundjunk (1:03:36)
Life fucked me a little bit

flagsoundjunk (1:02:32)

flagsoundjunk (1:02:16)

flagsoundjunk (0:57:33)
Sorry for being offline for so much time.

flagsoundjunk (0:53:34)

flagZoop (10:44:57)

flagZoop (12:52:33)
Jep, Big Beat Radio brauchts halt.

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Sunrise Leaves Me Blind Have video

Artist Name: flag Rogue Element
Uploaded By: flagchristoph

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Song Length: 04:50
Release Year: 2005
Song Status: Active
Song Bitrate: 257 kbps
Song Samplerate: 44100

Last Queued : 26.08.2018 15:08:17 by flagdjrandom l Locked Song is currently locked for queuing. It will be available for request again 28.08.2018 19:43:17

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It was added at 08.02.2012 20:02:03

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Song Rating: 4.3 - Votes Placed: 4 View Voting History

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All your beats r belong to us
20.08.2012 05:26

This somehow has a Teardrop-feeling to it. Probably because of the similarity in the vocal section. :D loving it


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) / haii
17.12.2014 03:09

really nice tune :)

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