flagrams (10:46:44)
Prodigy ;(

flagZoop (15:42:27)

flagZoop (15:31:06)
ich > :comfort: < Big Beat

flagrams (15:21:23)

flagZoop (14:52:52)
Rogue Element :weee:

flagZoop (14:44:32)
:banaroll: EXPLODE :banaroll:

flagZoop (14:41:19)
Disastro ist immer noch der beste Big Beat song :danceparty:

flagZoop (14:40:46)
Machst du einen Discord Big Beat Server? :D

flagrams (14:40:39)

flagrams (14:40:29)
ah deshalb war disastro gelockt :D

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Author Topic: Monkeyboxing Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 4
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All your beats r belong to us
Posted: 02.02.2014 15:02:42 [Quote]
This is a funky free download Album. I'll go through each Track and will write the final conclusion at the end. This is PERSONAL & BIASED. I look at this from a Breakbeat fanatic perspective as I am in no way a Nu-Funk fan.

Track 1: Ad n Kuts - Gz & Hustlas Get Wicked (Ad'N'Kuts Gangsta Funk Edit)
Solid breakbeat track with crispy beats and prime rapping. The only problem it has is the obvious repetition in it's piano sample. The lack of alternation reduces the re-listen value.

Track 2: Morlack - Rhymin' & Rappin' (Paulette & Tanya Winley - Morlack remix)
Funky Funny and Groovy. It features good female rap & that piano ever so slightly in the background and sometimes foreground is gorgeous. Also bongos ftw. I just wish it had such a crisp snare as Track 1. Not a big fan of overly compressed Snares which only sound good in a club.

Track 3: Funk Efemdzemov - She's On Fire (Bo Saris - Funk Efemdzemov remix)
Ohh don't we know this bassriff? :D We're going more elektro with this one. Reminds me of Freestylers stuff. Because it blends groovy Funk & Electro with some pop vocs very well. Though the bass sounds weird and a bit off (are mid/highs really panned to the left? plz just invert one channel instead of panning that stuff >__<). Very stylish work guys!

Track 4: Smov & Suonho - A Little Bit Of Soul (Demo mix)(Exclusive)
This Track promises us soul and delivers :D Drums sound very life and a bit dirty. But wow - that Voice and Bassline combined with all the small things like choir, brasses & yes - piano makes this one hell of a solid tune!

Track 5: Titan Sound - Nasty Trick (Exclusive)
During the whole Track I was waiting for those TR-Drumcomputer Beats to stop and real drums to kick in.
Also marchband brass style bass? Love the Idea, but sounds a bit too repetitive. This is nice as a chilly background track but I think it initially had more potential.

Track 6: Chrispop - Midnite Hour
I like how it tries to blend funny rap, reagge and nu funk. Unfortunately for my ears it doesn't work that well. The overall sound is a bit too washy, he must've tweaked/cleaned the original sound quite a bit. I'd say same as Track 5, nice try - but not outstanding.

Track 7: DeRobert and the Half-Truths - I'm Tryin'
I had to think immediately of Smoove & Turrell. Great Brass, and Vocal Sound! Unfotunately that guitar and not-enough changing brass go on nerves really fast. OHGOD THAT GUITAR >_> I guess some tunes just have such small things you can't ignore till they ruin the whole song for you.

Track 8: Mr Bristow - Dancing Machine (Jackson 5 re-edit)
Funky is the word! It's a great Track, but that synth-bass that kicks in when the bass guitar isn't playing just is too loud >_> I can't pump the track withouth making my neighbours shelves tremble. The drums could've used more raw breakbeat power in my opinion. Still a groovy track for in-between.

Track 9: Betty Davis - Your Man My Man (Skeewiff Rewiff)(Exclusive)
Skeewiff is everything what is right in todays Breakbeat/Funk industry. Kings showing how it's done properly: from sampling, beat slicing and plainly using the proper funktastic weapons for each track.
How to they do that? Must be their destiny to deliver pure enjoyment for us.

Track 10: Mr Bird - Soul Troopers
I'm glad Skeewiff isn't the only awesome funk breakbeat on this album. This song is slick to say the least. It has an amazing atmosphere - is that James Bond breakdance battling James Brown in the middle of a lounge? heh, silly imagination.

Track 11: Voodoocuts - Sure Is Wack (Exclusive)
Hmm where do I know those Vocals from? *grin* No seriously this is a hilarious song in a veryvery good way. On thing... why would you pan the supportive breakbeat like that? :P did you forget that old records sometimes have drum tracks panned to just one side and inserted it like that? Or did you emulate it? :P anyways cannot say I'd enjoy this production technique much on headphones - works nice on boxes though. This one is definitely gold, can see myself playing it on partys.

Track 12: The Explosions - Hip Drop (Honest Lee Re-Edit) (Exclusive)
Nice Re-edit! A whack tune. Can't say I enjoy the refrain but everything else sounds just classic.
This is one for the pure Funk fans.

Track 13: Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow (Maars Reggae Re-Rub)
:> haha yes, that's how you reagge rap! I have nothing to complain about here, just laying back and nodding my head to the tune.

Track 14: My Therapist - A Piece Of Ill Street 2013 (Exclusive)
It's ok for a hiphop track. Definitely not bad, but I feel like I've already heard everything this song can deliver and don't really need one more like that. Then again I'm hardly to judge because this is just not my kind of music.

Track 15: Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Ghettos Of The Mind (Freqnik & WDRE remix)
Ah a chill Rap tune. I enjoy it - some creative elements I didn't hear before and really complex bassline for such a track. Very good job here! Time to nod my head to the music.

Conclusion: This is a free Album I'd pay for! A cool compilation for Breakbeat, Funk or Lounge fans alike! If you don't get this one and if you haven't already the other Volumes you're missing out.
My favourite Tracks are 9, 10, 2 and 8.

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