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Author Topic: Does this track fit here?
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Spanish Bigbeat Lover
Posted: 05.01.2012 4:01:29 Last Edit: 2012-01-05 04:58:29 [Quote]
Hi! I got this track: [yt]dm0JiBWKjro[/yt] It's "Tokyo Drift", from Bass Mekanik. But he "officially" makes miami bass and electro, as I could check on the English Wikipedia ([]). Anyway, I think that track has a cool beat that fits in the bigbeat style. What do you think about this? Should I propose Bass Mekanik as an artist?

Cheerz :)

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All your beats r belong to us
RE: Does this track fit here?
Posted: 06.01.2012 5:01:23 Last Edit: 2013-11-15 08:58:18
Definitely not. The beatz are soo weak this song doesn't make the cut. However I like it's feeling it's a focken cool song dude!

I mean nothing holds you back from adding a break to it right?
Enjoy: Tokyo Drift (Bigbeatradio Mix) by Bass Mekanik l Locked
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Spanish Bigbeat Lover
RE: Does this track fit here?
Posted: 06.01.2012 5:01:44 Last Edit: 2012-01-06 05:41:44
Hahaha, didn't spect this! Well, it has a different flavour with that beat, I'm used to the original, but I think I can accept this version at last :P (I voted it before the beat started xD)

I got it in my car, and it easily cheers me up when I'm driving! I think it's that feeling you talked about :P

Cheerz! ;)

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