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Here's my latest cool find: [link]

flagZoop (22:13:51)
Sounds awesome!

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und du?

flagrams (11:21:22)
bin noch dabei :)

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Author Topic
Author Topic: My bigbeat-breaks mix
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Posted: 08.10.2011 3:10:19 Last Edit: 2011-10-08 03:27:19 [Quote]
Listen here:
Download here:

Not another Drugstore (planet nine mix) Chemical Brothers
Apache - Roxy breaks
Keep Prepared For The Battle - Zebrocski
Cut & Paste - Cut & Paste
Addicted to Rock - Zulu Soundsystem
That Elvis Track - Sol Brothers
Put The Needle On The Record - Drumattic Twins
Won't U Rock With Me - Drumattic Twins
Front To The Back - B-Boy
I Know You Got Soul - Krafty Kuts
This Is How It Should Be Done - Sharaz
Breakers Revenge - Freestylers
Renegade Master - Fatboy Slim
Amen Holmes - Mighty Supernaturals
Torn Open - Captain Funk
Freestyle Noise - Freestylers
Bbrr Gogo - Dj Icey
Humpty Hump - Funklab
Jack Of All Trades - shiftee eee pee
Tough Break - Ill Versed
We Play Music - Bassbin Twins
Ghetto Funk Baby - Dj Stew
Gimme The Funk - Krafty Kuts
I'M A Man - Smoove
This Flight - Bros Rock Crew
Oh Lala - Wiseguys
Rock With You (Breakz Mix) - Michael Jackson
Waxadelica - Wax Assassins
Forget - Dj Icey
Funky & Fresh - Dj Stew
Fine Ladies Only - Kelly Reverb
My Definition - Dj Technique
Bring The Pain - Stanton Warriors
flagalois roger
Posts: 3
Posted: 16.11.2013 10:11:29
Hey Mitchythekid,
i like your mix! - but actually, your download link does not work!

Posts: 26

RE: My bigbeat-breaks mix
Posted: 16.11.2013 10:11:03
This link should work:

flagalois roger
Posts: 3
Danke Yolina!
Posted: 16.11.2013 14:11:09

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