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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Currently, there are 2 Active FAQ's:

Q. What is
Q. Legal information

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Q. What is online Radio - where the Beat conquers the world

We offer you sounds of the musical genres Bigbeat,Breakbeat, nuSkool, Dub, Electronic, Trip-Hop and other music, that rocks.
If you want to suggest music - we always have an open ear. Tune in, have fun and party hard.

To listen to our radio, pick a Source on our Streaming page:
Streaming Page

On the Dynamic Playlist you can always watch what was played last and - if some users requested music, what's up next.

To play radio station, you need a sufficient MP3-Player.
- WinAmp (Windows,
- VLC (Windows, Mac, Linux,
- Wunder Radio (iPhone, Review bei
- VirtualRadio (Symbian, iPhone, Java mobile,
- TuneIn Radio (Android TuneIn Radio on the Android Market
- Amarok (Linux, Windows, *BSD,

About the Lo-Fi Stream
Our Lo-Fi Stream is running in the Ogg Vorbis Format (45kbit/s), which has a better quality as mp3.

The downside of this is, that you need a sufficient Ogg Player. You can find more information here:
Vorbis Software
On Windows you can use Winamp5, for QuickTime on Mac OS X the instructions can be found here

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Q. Legal information

Legal Information (German)

Dieses Radio bezahlt abgaben an die SUISA und streamt legal nach Schweizer Recht.

Es ist auch eine Zusammenarbeit mit andern in diesem Musiksegment
angesiedelten Websites, Labels, Veranstalter, etc. denkbar. Natürlich
ist ist es auch möglich unser Engagement zu sponsern.

Mögliche Werbeformen:
Link plus Logo auf der Website
Kurze Einspielung bevor ein User den Radiostream zu hören bekommt

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