flagNotrax (17:16:45)

flagNotrax (17:05:16)
Sounds good

flagInternet Death Machine (18:17:24)
Not sure if that qualifies as big beat but its good if I do say so myself

flagInternet Death Machine (18:17:10)

flagrams (19:31:31)
danke dir :D

flagZoop (10:38:05)
:drinking: Happy Birthday Rams!

flagmitchkonnor (17:36:22)
kling gut

flagmitchkonnor (0:16:56)

flagrams (14:34:36)
das wäre grossartig!

flagwedo (22:20:04)

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Akakage means "Red Shadow" in Japanese. Original members were Yoichiro Ito and Go!Sato, but later recordings, while still featuring Go!Sato only listed Akakage as being Yoichiro Ito.

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Here Comes The Akakage flag Akakage 05:28 Active 5 l Locked 12.09.2017
She is a Pretty Girl flag Akakage 05:32 Active 4.8 l Locked 19.09.2017
What Kind Of Music? flag Akakage 06:28 Active 3 l Locked 17.09.2017
Heat! flag Akakage 06:37 Active 4 l Locked 17.09.2017
The Sound Is...A.K.K.G. flag Akakage 04:59 Active 4 l Locked 18.09.2017
アカカゲU.S.A. flag Akakage 04:45 Active 3 l Locked 10.09.2017
Kiss Me Baby flag Akakage 06:07 Active 4 l Locked 18.09.2017
First Lesson flag Akakage 01:10 Active 4 l Locked 20.09.2017
The Tide is High flag Akakage 05:31 Active 4 l Locked 15.09.2017
Impression flag Akakage 06:45 Active 3 l Locked 20.09.2017
恋のCha Cha Cha flag Akakage 03:48 Active 4 l Locked 16.09.2017
Outro flag Akakage 00:41 Active 1 l Locked 29.12.1969
Brass Impact flag Akakage 05:52 Active 3.5 l Locked 13.09.2017

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