flagZoop (10:44:32)
ohne big beat radio hör ich echt mehr DJ Bobo als BigBeat, eine Tragödie

flagZoop (10:42:27)
:dolan: beegboet

flagrams (13:43:41)
aber kein problem

flagrams (13:43:39)
:D nein haben wir nicht

flagZoop (18:59:54)
aber ja die shirts sind toll geworden

flagZoop (18:58:47)
ich dachte ihr habt das abgesprochen

flagZoop (18:58:36)
hey nein, eines davon ist für Christoph das ich an deine Adresse geschickt hab weil er auf Reisen ist :ohnoes:

flagrams (15:09:37)
ich werde sie in ehren halten!

flagrams (15:09:26)
mr. zoop tausend Dank für die T-Shirts!!!

flagZoop (21:51:59)
now we have to play the beats in our own hearts

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Mr Bird

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Steve Bird AKA Mr Bird is an English music producer, musician and DJ, now based in Lisbon, Portugal. Steve writes Funk, House, Broken Beat, Instrumental Hip Hop blah blah blah... Mr Bird proudly recorded a session for the late and very great John Peel in the UK, and has released two L.P.s and several 7" & 12"s & other digital releases on various labels including Resense Records, Hertz Recordings, Spring Strut Recordings, Frequent Soundz, 'Sup Peeps, Heavy Duty Booty, Riddim Fruit, Lisboa Records, Inside Audio, Boka Records, Pig Balls Records, Master Press Recordings, Cast-A-Blast, Mustbeat, Actual Sounds, WASS Records, Carnabal Records and Booty Fruit...and have also just set up my own new label 'Fat BIrd Sounds' which is now up and running, so watch this space! Mr Bird has also just finished his 3rd album, 2 years in the making and now released on the new vital Force label, on digital and Limited Edition CD.

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