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Soundcloud: [link]

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Live Version: [link] Just the Tracks: [link]

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Ja wär ich alleline gewesen hätte ich nur Chillout/Lounge track gespielt. Aber da Wedo zuhörte hab ich auf diese Playliste gewechselt die ich gerne höre während ich Arbeite.

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in der news section

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Artist Info

Rory Hoy

Location: flag
Date Of Birth : 01.01.1970

Additional Information:

UK Based BigBeat, Funky Breaks & Chillout Producer.

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Last Updated: 18.11.2012

Added By: flagrams

Songs Connected To This Artist

Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
Trumped flag Rory Hoy 05:03 Active 3.8 l Locked 10.08.2017
Pick It Up flag Rory Hoy 03:22 Active 4.7 l Locked 15.08.2017
Vibes flag Rory Hoy 05:41 Active 3.8 l Locked 12.08.2017
Because Of Amy flag Rory Hoy 05:35 Active 5 l Locked 14.08.2017
Classic Big Beat Mix (All Vinyl) flag Rory Hoy Banned 3.5 23.04.2013
Rock Steady (Rory Hoy Remix) Prato & Blastique flag Rory Hoy 04:23 Active 3.5 l Locked 17.08.2017
Standing On Dust flag Rory Hoy 04:08 Active 4.5 l Locked 17.08.2017
B-Boy Theme flag Rory Hoy 03:57 Active 3 l Locked 18.08.2017
Smuggler's Cove flag Rory Hoy 04:58 Active 4.5 l Locked 24.07.2017
Lost Detective flag Rory Hoy 04:09 Active 3 l Locked 17.08.2017
Crazy Beat flag Rory Hoy 04:13 Active 4 l Locked 21.08.2017
The Observatory flag Rory Hoy 08:40 Active 4.3 l Locked 15.08.2017
D Sez Yeah flag Rory Hoy 03:51 Active 5 l Locked 18.08.2017
Mic Check (feat. DJ Angelo) flag Rory Hoy 04:45 Active 4 l Locked 05.08.2017
This Is Your Life (feat. Tom & Gerry) flag Rory Hoy 03:22 Active 3 l Locked 20.08.2017
Rock Saved My Soul flag Rory Hoy 04:20 Active 5 l Locked 16.08.2017
Baby Likes It Phat flag Rory Hoy 05:10 Active NAN l Locked 13.08.2017
Vibes flag Rory Hoy 05:41 Banned NAN 23.04.2013
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is flag Rory Hoy 03:42 Active 3 l Locked 16.08.2017
Keep It Down flag Rory Hoy 05:09 Active 4 l Locked 12.08.2017
Big Beat Stevie flag Rory Hoy 04:46 Active 5 l Locked 17.08.2017
Don't forget Public Enemy flag Public Enemy flag Rory Hoy 03:51 Active 3 l Locked 17.08.2017
Super Mario (B-Boy Edit) flag Rory Hoy 02:53 Active 5 l Locked 16.08.2017
Ready Set GO! flag Rory Hoy 04:34 Active 4.5 l Locked 15.08.2017
Big Beat Radio Mix flag Rory Hoy Inactive 5 07.02.2016
Gettin Home feat. Ashley Slater flag Rory Hoy 03:45 Active 4 l Locked 18.08.2017

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