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wenn das big beat buch interessiert hier der link

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ich arbeite an was :)

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ohne big beat radio hör ich echt mehr DJ Bobo als BigBeat, eine Tragödie

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:dolan: beegboet

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aber kein problem

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:D nein haben wir nicht

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aber ja die shirts sind toll geworden

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Date Of Birth : 01.01.1970

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Danish producer Carsten Krøyer already had massive success in Scandinavia back in 1993 as the singer and producer of the pop group Nice Device, which also included female vocalist Maya Albana (later VJ on the now defunct ZTV) and co-producer Henrik Munch (later involved in Dassic, Deviant, Orichalcum, Binary Experience and Sorten Muld). After the experience with Nice Device, Krøyer went on to join female vocalist Bettina Lervig and Goon was a reality. Represented by the danish label Mega Records, Goon made quite an impact on the danish music scene in 1997-98 with quite a different style and attitude than other bands in the bigbeat genre. According to the Mega label, Goon was sort of a pop hybrid of breakbeat and acid with "hints" of Prodigy's music and Björk's vocals. Goon's immediate impact and success of those years resulted in a performance at the 1997 Roskilde Festival and a Grammy nomination in 1998. Unfortunately his former colleague in Nice Device, Henrik Munch, had other ideas and won the award because of his success with the experimental electronica band Sorten Muld.

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Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
The Bass flag GooN 05:09 Active 4.3 l Locked 28.04.2018
Volcanic Outbreak flag GooN 04:32 Active 4 l Locked 27.04.2018
Action flag GooN 05:12 Active 4 l Locked 05.05.2018
Panic flag GooN 05:36 Active 4.8 l Locked 24.04.2018
Mental Reflex flag GooN 04:01 Active 4.5 l Locked 04.05.2018
Animated Manic Soul flag GooN 05:00 Active 2 l Locked 29.04.2018
International flag GooN 04:53 Active 3 l Locked 02.05.2018
Big Beat flag GooN 06:52 Rejected NAN 29.12.1969

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